The Problem With Pool Service

Let’s face it, Pool Service is like Groundhog Day: Every day is a fresh opportunity to disappoint your customers.

Customer expectations are high and always will be. How can you meet those expectations when it seems like you dedicate all your time to overseeing your staff, managing your vehicle fleet, procuring chemicals, and ultimately ensuring each pool is clean and properly maintained? How do you really know if your pools are ready for swimmers?

The challenge for service is the lack of any real-time intelligence from the pool itself. Technicians have a small window to get it right and leave the pool in perfect condition. What happens between visits is anyone’s guess, until inevitably the customer calls to complain. Technicians can only do so much.

The end result is that customer expectations are not met thus increasing churn. Next thing you know you’re back in react mode playing catch-up and you’re out of time.

Pool service is full of pain, friction, and has not seen positive development in decades. The good news is it’s not your fault.

There is a better way!

Transforming Pool Service

Tech-Enabled Service is transforming all service industries, and pool service is no exception.

What if you could guarantee perfect pools all the time? What if customers had total confidence that their pool is always clean and safe to swim. What if you could back this promise with data?

‘Tech-Enabled’ means identifying (and in many cases correcting) pool issues long before they escalate, and before your customers even notice them. It means that you effortlessly verify that technicians were actually on-site, and completed all their service tasks efficiently. Imagine the game-changing impact.

Tech-enabled service is the clear and obvious solution. Technology fosters trust and fuels growth, transforming service and boosting your competitive edge.

Embrace the technology that provides accurate, reliable, real-time pool data and control for actionable intelligence, anywhere and any time.

Enterprise-Wide Benefits

It’s all about consistently exceeding expectations and ensuring differentiation every single day.

In the pool service world, the key to success is satisfied pool owners and operators. You must become trusted. When that happens, customers remain steadfastly loyal and spread the word (high NPS is the best and most effective marketing).

The move to proactive and predictive service means stepping into a new era where you ‘own’ the pool and the corresponding value chain. A satisfied customer spends more and pays on time!
Higher Customer Retention: 7% or more reduction in churn, as customers receive the outcomes they’re expecting, and which your competitors cannot match.
Lower Operational Expense: 20% or more reduction in expenses due to efficiencies found in the data and the ability to verify service delivery without unplanned/additional service visits.
Increased Revenue and Differentiation: Now that you can deliver a uniquely reliable service, it’s much easier to add new service levels and additional revenue streams with high margin products and services.

Embracing Tech-Enabled Service delivers a better future and boosts the bottom line, while your delighted customers drive growth: Win-win!

PoolCop: Affordable, Reliable, Smart

Total Pool Control For All Your Service Customers

For tech-enabled service to become a reality and deliver the promise in your company:

• Hardware must be priced for service (not for distribution). Installation must be straight-forward, and the equipment must not require constant attention i.e. “babysitting” once operational.
• Data on pool performance must be accurate and real-time, with sensors you can trust.
• Big Data, Machine Learning and AI must be leveraged in the Cloud to support service.

This is why PoolCop technology is unique.
This is why PoolCop will transform your service company.

Cloud Technology increases pool performance each and every day

Every day the pool is better and safer.

Real time service insights into essential and critical functions, combined with data trending, brings instantaneous visualization and service-focused analysis of the status of all pools, spas and aquatic facilities/venues.

The PoolCop Cloud, powered by BigPool and FlowEngine, is able to provide the answer before the question has even arisen, using proactive and predictive big data modeling and smart learning AI.

Connect to BigPool database via our secured API, and seamlessly integrate with your exsiting technology, for deeper business insights and data visualization.

Why PoolCop is the Solution?

• Real time control and data for all residential and commercial pools and spas.
• Priced for Service market approach, we work directly with you (no additional margin layers).
• No hidden fees or recurring charges for our software portal and cloud access.
• Equipment agnostic for universal installation, in any pool, with any equipment, anytime, anywhere.
• Cellular connection option for constant reliable connection, because when it’s mission critical, you need the data.

• Long-life sensors reduce the need to calibrate, and use “floating reference” technology.
• Always up to date via automatic OTA firmware updating, a common feature set at all pools.
• Designed to be repaired not replaced, with extended life and spares available for years and years.
• Add (and upsell) additional features such as water level control, lighting control, temperature control, flooding detection, chlorine ppm sensors, energy meter, digital flow, and much more.

Tech that Evolves to Meet Your Needs

For low maintenance, maximum reliability, long service life, and a solution that is always up to date with the latest software features, we have three equipment configurations to meet all your needs.

This proven technology is used by service companies in thousands of pools and spas of every shape and size, including residential pools and spas, lazy rivers, water parks, splash pads, and more.

PoolCop has passed extensive and rigorous testing, with certifications from the CDC for compliance with the Model Aquatic Health Code, and from the NSF for compliance with NSF 50 and NSF ELECTRICAL standards. So you know it’s good and up to the job.

Automatic cloud-based updating ensures that every device is up to date and never obsolete. All pools are always on the same version and features set, ensuring maximum standardization and benefiting from the latest advances and improvements.

PoolCop Genesis is the go-to solution for an NSF 50 certified Automated Controller for any commercial or residential pool or spa. Modular or our Panel SKU, PoolCop Genesis ensures a fast and easy installation for a fully automated cloud-connected pool.

PoolCop Evolution includes all Genesis features and adds automated filter media cleaning (backwash and rinse; sand or glass) with its unique integrated flow control. Compatible with all side filters up to 136 GPM, Evolution smartly senses and automatically completes the cycle for next level pool performance.

Coming in 2024 – PoolCop Satellite is an even more affordable data only unit positioned to upsell chemical and backyard control.

Available on Google Play and App Store

PoolCop Apps & Cloud Interfaces

Simple and intuitive, our Apps and Interfaces provide crucial information when and where you need it the most, with realtime and historical data at your fingertips. Receive proactive notifications and guidance, as well as control of all pool functions on any computer, tablet, and smartphone.

MyPoolCop App
Designed for customers and for fun,
with non-technical interfaces, including backyard control and access to all pool features (lights, heating, fountains, etc.). The App also allows for instant feedback to and from your clients.

ProPoolCop App
Optimized for your company, your managers, and your pool technicians;
full data and control of all automation, configurations, and settings, with data history for real-time remote diagnostics, analytics, and much more.