A forward-looking company with a human face

We’re a team of talented people, all specialists in our chosen field, with a shared vision of delivering innovative solutions and impeccable service that go beyond expectations.

A desire to offer a simple, fresh approach, carried out with conviction and passion, in this somewhat conventional sector, was why we set up PoolCop.

We design, develop, and manufacture pool equipment and devices, challenging the traditional way of thinking to offer a completely new experience for pool owners and professionals alike, while keeping a weather eye on ecofriendly and economic issues.

At PCFR PoolCop we delight in developing smart, intelligent technologies so that users can simply enjoy the sensory pleasures of their pool — the unmatched feeling of wellbeing, the miracle of pure relaxation and, not least, the sheer fun of it all. Life is for living, and joie-de-vivre is at the heart of everything we do.

Reflected in the team, and in our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners worldwide, this is what drives us to bring our unique products and services to the marketplace powering evolutionary change in the business of enjoying your pool.

Our partnerships

Our team of automation experts work closely with pool specialists worldwide to anticipate future needs.

PoolCop goes beyond that to bring together a community of professionals who embrace and actively promote this remarkable technology.

We’re proud to work with these companies and to share our vision that today’s great pool will be beyond perfection tomorrow.