PoolCop: one platform, multiple access

Create shared access to your pool via PoolCop

Via the PoolCop interface you can can grant access to different users. This handy feature means that you could for example, give your partner or children access , ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your pool while you’re away even allow guests to have limited access to information on water quality and temperature and lighting. It is also possible to use this feature to delegate the entire management and maintenance of your pool to an expert. The shared access allows your pool professional to track the data changes in real time, receive notifications and alerts and to plan any necessary interventions.

With regards to public pools (hotels, guest houses, spas, etc.), this feature allows you to give temporary access to the water quality during health checks by the relevant authorities.

The rights of access are controlled according to user profiles which vary the information and level of control available.
Temporary access is also available using a simple QR code scanned by a mobile phone.

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