Which PoolCop is best for me?

With these two versions of PoolCop, you’ll find the perfect solution for your pool

PoolCop has been designed and engineered to transform all pools into an autonomous system. Compare the two versions and identify the PoolCop that’s right for you.

With PoolCop Genesis, you can count on ultra-compatibility. It is suitable for all pools, new or renovated, regardless of the type of filtration, and is compatible with all automatic valves on the market.
PoolCop Evolution is aimed more specifically at swimming pools equipped with a multi-media filter, and offers an automatic filter cleaning option.

PoolCop Evolution

PoolCop Genesis

Compare PoolCop Evolution and Genesis

PoolCop offers a range of essential features that will ensure that your pool is autonomous.

PoolCop Evolution PoolCop Genesis
STANDARD Filtration : programming Filtration : automatic cleaning for multimedia filters Option: BESGO backwash valve Filtration : multiport valve Water level management Option: BESGO backwash valve Water treatment management Programmable auxiliaries Configurable inputs Air temperature: detection of risk of freezing PoolCopilot app
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Water level Water level kit Water level kit pH measurement and regulation pH+ORP sensor pH+ORP sensor Disinfection measurement and regulation pH+ORP sensor pH+ORP sensor Free available chlorine measurement FAC installation pack FAC installation pack Additional waste valve NF valve Detection of low consumables level Lance or sensor Lance or sensor Management of additional equipment XM8 Extension Module XM8 Extension Module Mobile network connection GSM router GSM router Energy management
COMPATIBILITY All types of pool All pump brands All filter brands All types of filter All types of water treatment Control of additional equipment 6 (14 with XM8) 6 (14 with XM8)
SECURITY Emergency power supply: battery Valve protection Pump protection Pressure outside prescribed limits Other: antifreeze, water consumption, product level, etc.

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